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Solving problems, and delivering effective designs since 2003

Headquartered in Aerospace Alley, Palmdale California, Mimix Motion Inc has delivered designs to customers all around the world. Our designs can be found in several Fortune 500 companies and other market leaders across USA, Asia and Europe.  The diversity of our portfolio demonstrates that our success is not relegated to one specialty. In fact, one could say our specialty is in zeroing in on optimized process and products in a many fields of engineering and technology. 

If you are looking for an efficient way to optimize a process, solve a problem, or simply need an effective machine, product or structure, we will design and build it for you.  

Don't worry about the logistics of getting things done, hire us and let us handle it.  We will get it done quickly and efficiently.

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Areas of Expertise

Research and Development

New technology brings new opportunities.  Large companies are at a disadvantage when competing to develop new products that leverage new technology. This is the perfect opportunity to hire a small company to do the R&D for you.  This is where we really shine.  Unencumbered by the constraints and limitations impeding a large company, we efficiently set up a milestone project to learn as fast as possible, and implement as efficiently as possible. This collaboration really is the best of both worlds, and our results prove it.

Laser machining, cutting and welding

The laser industry is ever growing and evolving, and we’re not just talking about marking. With the consistent introduction of new Fiber, Femto and Pico Lasers, the opportunity for a breakthrough application grows, but so does the complexity. That’s where we come in. We design systems that perform the fastest, cleanest and most precisely controlled welds, cuts and ablation.  We have designed and built entire processing lines with bake-cleaning, dry and inert gas glove-boxes, water cooling and precision robotics. This stuff is right in our wheelhouse.

Product Development

Not only does technology change, but the way people consume changes constantly.  Efficiently adapting and developing new products is necessary to maintain market share. 

But new ways, new vendors and new technology is resisted by internal team structures, and the process is often hamstrung by the inability or unwillingness for established departments and personnel to change. Once again, an external team alleviates this problem by operating independently of internal corporate structures. Products can be developed efficiently, supply chain and support defined, and then released into the product line in one flail swoop. Minimizing the trauma and adjustment required by internal corporate structures. 

Automated Systems

Every existing system of production has to compete with a newer system's ROI. It is really difficult for Operations management to know when technology has reached a point where a new system could deliver a much better ROI. Years can go by, and million lost, simply because the Operations management doesn't know that a new system, with new technology, would perform much better, and be much cheaper to operate.  We can evaluate your production system and let you know where you stand.

Motion Control

System controls have really hit the sweet spot in their life-cycle.  The latest iteration of controls takes physics, electronics, software and mechanisms to new limits. Hundreds of axes can be controlled with a single card, while the PID algorithms maintain micron level resolution and accuracy. This technology has not been implemented to its potential, not by a long shot. Every controlled production system would benefit from faster and more accurately controlled production. We do this.

Simulation and FEA

Sometimes you don't have the time to build a series of prototypes for testing.  Sometimes, the product is too expensive for iterative testing.  How do we establish that  FOS (Factor of Safety) meets the requirements?  We leverage technology, and use simulations and FEA to limit or even eliminate iterative or failure testing.  Sizing actuators in a dynamic system can be done very accurately, optimizing cost for actuators and structures. 

We use FEA based design to optimize geometries for given loading scenarios. This method is called "Topology Optimization" and has revolutionized optimized design insomuch as the solver defines the geometery, opposite of traditional methods.  This minimizes iterative FEA testing... or one could say, it is an optimization of an optimization. Very effective indeed.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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