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In 1998, while at a motocross track in Southern California, Jamison Bruch learned of another rider who needed help designing a robot for Callaway Golf.  This robot was to copy a human swing that had been captured with MOtion CAPture cameras.  A discussion started about how controls methods were not available for a continuous path through space, and it became a challenge to develop the kinematics, controls algorithms and mechanism required to MIMIC a human swing .  Jamison signed onto the project with Duane Davis and Kingman Yee, and began the path into controls, and designing mechanisms for radically new motion.  Business accelerated as technology advanced, and new controlled systems were developed.

Video - 3rd generation 6-axis Golf Swing MIMIC robot

It was in 2003 that Jamison's mechanisms, simulations and control algorithms gained the appreciation of USC professor and Delta Tau CTO Ali Pak Phd.  Jamison's work with Delta Robots and Hexapod robots led Delta Tau into developing Technology Demonstrators to showcase their superb motion controller, the PMAC. By the end of 2003, Jamison had incorporated Mimix Motion Inc and began working with Delta Tau Data Systems in Chatsworth California.  Every project with Delta Tau proved to be a lot of fun, always pushing the limits of technology in motion systems. Of the dozens of projects and contracts with Delta Tau through the years, none was more appreciated than the mini Delta Robots and inverted Hexapod designed and built by Mimix Motion.

Video - Mini Delta Robot During Testing

Video - Inverted Hexapod

In 2009, Mimix Motion began working with Amada Miyachi in what turned out to be a very long term, and mutually beneficial series of contracts.  Projects included a variety of different technology development products, and R&D systems. Mimix Motion was hired to design and manage the build of more than 60 automated industrial production/processing systems.  The revenue from these systems totaled well over $12million.  These included  Laser Welding, Laser Cutting, Laser Machining, Projection welding, Glove-box inert weld systems, vacuum ovens and vacuum welding chambers. 

Amada Miyachi is the best example of just how well Mimix Motion is able to operate to the benefit of a huge company with ingrained culture, bureaucracy, politics and hierarchies.  We are able to efficiently operate like a Small Company, completely focused, without the distractions, protocols, inefficiencies and conflicting interests present in a large company.  Side by side comparisons show that our projects were completed with significantly less risk, less cost and less time.  Of the projects, only a couple aren't protected with an NDA.  Our favorite has to be the Sigma Fiber Laser Tube Cutter.   

Video - Fiber Laser Tube Cutter

2016 brought expansion and the creation of a sister company 4DOF Inc.  We have learned that a design firm is best complimented by a supply chain company.  Efficiency gained by using us for design was lost when it came to executing the design.  We realized that the the project wasn't over until the product was built, and the large company supply chain has a difficult time adjusting to new methods, design and vendors.  Large company vendors are often entrenched and will inflate prices and lead times, leaning on the reluctance of large companies to find better value with new vendors.  Large companies also tend to be slow in adopting new manufacturing technologies and materials, something we are very good at. Together with 4DOF Inc, Mimix Motion Inc completes the circle and carries efficiency, inginuity and insight to the very end of the project, with the product designed, released and the supply chain established. Vertical integration eliminated the wink link.

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20+ years of R&D and Product Development projects, from Concept to Release... System Architecture, Mechanical Design, Software, Controls, with machining and fabrication thrown in.  Jamison loves to get dirty. 


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